PAX East 2015

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Kingston HyperX

6 - 8 March 2015 | Written by Maxxum, with contributions by Andrew H.

In 2002, "HyperX" was a name Kingston applied to their DRAM modules, and just their DRAM modules - there was no other HyperX branded product line of which to speak at the time. The Kingston HyperX name was used to indicate Kingston's fastest, low-latency, and over-clockable DRAM for use in motherboards that could work at CL2. I still have a couple blue DIMMs of 333MHz HyperX 256MB (that's MEGAbyte) DDR modules run at 2-2-2-5 that I keep with an AMD Athlon Thorton processor. More than a decade later, the HyperX line is a full family of storage products ranging from SSDs, memory, and USB thumb drives, to gaming accessories like headsets and mouse pads.

Kingston's booth, as in previous years, is catered to the gaming community (in our video interview you'll note the festive crowd and booth employees). However, this time products were available for purchase directly at the booth, in addition to contests and giveaways that draw large crowds, often to the frustration of PAX Enforcers who do their best at crowd control.

We spoke with David Leong, the Public Relations Manager for Kingston Technology - follows our interview:


End of line.

Videography by Dominic Apodoca