PAX East 2015

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6 - 8 March 2015 | Written by Maxxum

Going through the indie area of PAX East, it's rare to see what I would consider artistic video games. To clarify; there are videos games that have art for purpose of design, and there are games that have art for purpose of emotion - 'Homesick' by Lucky Pause represents the latter.

Lucky Pause is a company of two people and one dog: Barrett Meeker who is developing 'Homesick', Morgan Wyenn who is the Communications Director, and Argon, who dances and is furry.

I envy people who can create amazing art, and more so people who create art that is metaphysical but sensible - as I was staring at the visuals it seemed to me that the game character wasn't so much navigating an empty wasteland, but rather a dream, which was the case I later learned. The art in this game contributes entirely to the environment without the need for a contrived explanation for what is happening on screen - and it's astounding to me that there is just one person creating these visuals.

Follows my interviews with Barrett and Morgan (alas Argon wasn't available).


There will be comparisons between 'Homesick' and games like 'Riven'... they branch from the same genre. I wonder how this generation of gamers will view 'Homesick' in light of the fact that it won't require seven discs and ridiculous load times.

End of line.

Videography by Dominic Apodoca