PAX East 2015

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6 - 8 March 2015 | Written by Maxxum, with contributions by Andrew H.

For 29 years, Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. (GIGABYTE USA for the Americas) has maintained a presense in the computer market, and has established for itself a substantial share of that market - but, one might not realize that skimming over the thin Wikipedia article which exists for them. However, analyzing their 2013 financial reports makes it crystal clear that, with 46.718 billion dollars in revenue (7.213 billion in profit), the "giga" in their name is now as much a financial truism as it is a technological reference.

GIGABYTE'S Channel Marketing Manager at the booth was Leon Chen, we spoke with him about GIGABYTE's products being showcased at PAX 2015.


The Brix systems are interesting, while each component adheres to a number of a standards (m.2, cpu, video, etc...) their assembly into one unit is essentially a customized, and highly configurable design, which is where they have an advantage over laptops. They're also very easy to conceal, and I could easily see Brix systems used in educational, or work environments, and certainly as HTPC's.

Also notable is GIGABYTE's X99 series of motherboards, which when paired with DDR4, are great for supporting operations that require media encoding, let alone faster gaming.

Videography by Dominic Apodoca