PAX East 2013

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The Giveaway

30 March 2013

See this...? Go ahead and click it so you can get a better look.

See the hope in their eyes? Wish it were you, don't ya? The guy in the light gray shirt didn't actually get anything at the giveaway, but YOU could. I'll make it simple. Send an e-mail to me here. Include in the subject line the giveaway, or giveaways you want to enter. In the body, list your name and address so I'll know where to send stuff. One entry per household, per swag group.

I'll assign an entry number to your e-mail in the order in which it was received, and if I draw your number, I'll send stuff to you. That's it. The entry time will run from 31 March, to 12 April. After the giveaway is finished, everything gets deleted, and nothing gets sold for marketing purposes... privacy to the max.

Creative Labs Swag

Mouse pad, watch, iPhone cover, game codes, stickers, tattoo Mouse pad, iPhone cover, game codes, stickers, tattoo Mound pad, games codes, stickers One of two game code cards, so this is two chances to get something

Kingston Swag

T-shirt, strapback, Rex head

Neverwinter Nights "Dungeon & Dragons" Swag

T-shirt, bag, coin purse (heh)

eVGA Swag

One of two t-shirts, so this is two chances to get something

Photos by Maxxum