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17 October 2012 | Written by Maxxum

I have a fascination with the 'Aliens' franchise. I saw the movie in theaters in 1986, and I was glad to see that SEGA and Gearbox would be paneling at NYCC. Lance Henriksen, who played "Bishop" in the movie was also on the panel, and my friends Chris and Angie who are Colonial Marines for SEGA were in the room as well, so it was important for me that I attend.

Photos and video were not permitted during viewing, however SEGA did release a few new screenshots.

A new video was shown, and what isn't clear from the screenshots is the amount of detail that has been added to the game. The visuals of the LV-246 are expansive - panel attendees watched as a squad of Colonial Marines begin the process of piecing together clues that are left after the reactor explosion in 'Aliens'.

After the panel concluded, we made our way to the A:CM booth with Chris and Angie, who were fully uniformed as Colonial Marines, flanking Lance as he was escorted through the convention. Not long after, we were joined by Bill Paxton, who played Hudson in 'Aliens'.

John Mulkey (foreground), Lance Henriksen (background) Randy Pitchford (left), Lance Henriksen (center), Dropship Pilot (right) Angie, Lance, and Chris Bill Paxton interview with G4 Chris, Bill Paxton, and Angie

As Saturday ended, there was only one thing left to do in New York... paint the town red.

Photos by Maxxum

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