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17 October 2012 | Written by Maxxum

Panel are like save points in video games - you can eat, sleep, and organize your inventory. They are also your chance to see, or even meet, your favorite artist, actor, producer, et al.. The unfortunate thing about panels at NYCC is that there were so many good ones happening at the same time, I had to choose knowing I may never have another chance to see a particular panelist.

Never-the-less, panels can be one of the best parts about a convention - to hear directly from the people making the magic we see and read is an inspiring experience. Panels are a chance for stars to interact with their fans, and in one man's case, he was asked to sit on the panel after being the only one in the room with a copy of the book from which Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) had wanted to read several passages.

It's easy to forget that a great deal of effort goes into organizing a panel. I noticed that after attending several panels in the same room, the same NYCC videographer would also be there, and the same ushers were watching the door. These people would get to see little beyond the scope of their assigned rooms, and their efforts should appreciated.

Dark Horse Panel Christopher Lloyd Sean Astin

Sean Astin with lucky panelee Venture Brothers NYCC Crew NYCC Vidoegrapher

Photos by Maxxum

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