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17 October 2012 | Written by Maxxum

The New York Comic Con has a survival guide posted on their site - I didn't read it, and I don't think it would have helped if I did because I attended the event solo. The NYCC is concentrated geek, and if you bought the 4-day pass, there's no diluting it. At a minimum, to survive unscathed, you would need three people, food, water, a base camp, and maybe a flare gun in case you get lost - although I find it's easier to accept that if someone gets separated from the group that it's better to accept that you'll never see them again because they've undoubtedly been consumed by other attendees.

But, assuming you came prepared, the experience is rewarding. As tired as I was, I didn't once doubt that the memories I'd keep with me would be good ones. I'd mentioned several times to friends that this convention hurt because most of my time was spent cataloging events, and I lost a lot of sleep; but only the mornings were difficult as I drove to the convention - once I was onsite, my exhaustion disappeared. I heard similar stories from other attendees, and yet those recollections were told through smiles.

Christian Sager

Any rest to be taken was done so at the panels.

Photos by Maxxum

New York City | Panels