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Day One

3 January 2013 | Written by Maxxum, with contributions by Ally

After months of preparation, the start of MAGFest began with a multitude of colors, far more last year. The crown jewel of MAGFest, the arcade room, was a dazzling display of lights, glowing cathode-ray tubes, and sound-effects from over 200 cabinets. As I walked down the lines of arcades, I mentally flipped through a list of games I'd always meant to beat, but didn't have enough quaters for which to make a serious attempt. I tried my hand at "Terminator 2", and a few other games, before leaving and making my way to the maingstage.

The Arcade Room Gaylord Hotel Interior Jon St. John Brent Black (a.k.a. Brentalfloss) The OneUps

When I arrived at Mainstage, a band was already rehearsing. The stage-lights were on, and the background displays active - the band may not have known it, but the lights created the kind of canvas photographers enjoy painting with their cameras.

Metroid Metal

Random AKA Mega Ran The Megas

Jon St. John's prank telephone calls have improved significantly since I last saw him, and I truly believe there ought to be a panel of nothing else but him prank calling Congress on Capitol Hill.

Below, you can see just how vivid the show was during a rehearsal.

Photos by Maxxum