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Katsucon Observations

16 February 2015 | Written by Touvan McNeil

Native to the DC tristate area, I had personally never made it a thing to attend Katsucon. That was not the case this year due to friends and associates advising me to attend this year. Katsucon 2015 was definitely a site to see as massive amounts of cosplayers, gamers, and anime fanatics like myself bought life to the Gaylord Convention center.


Even the surrounding Harbor made me feel right at home as I saw so many fruits of the scene wandering around whether totally portraying their characters or just laughing it up with other cats who cosplayed villains or enemies in the priors series.

One of the highlights was the Matt Mercer (voice actor) voice panel. I definitely had to keep my inner fanboy locked away considering he does the English voice of Jotaro Kujo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). Definitely a fountain of knowledge about the voice acting profession and genuinely a cool dude to talk to about MMO’s. He’s more of a WoW guy than a Guild wars guy but he’ll be converted soon enough…

Another noted voice actor in attendance was Vince Corazza who had many insights to offer drawn from his work in both the Canadian and American Film worlds.

The dealer’s room was definitely what one should be this year. If you were worried because you couldn’t get your cosplay gear before the con, chances are you left with more than enough to flaunt if you came with some cash. Speaking of cosplay, when is the whole Attack on titan cosplay wave going to fade? Not that I want it to really but wow It was definitely more captain Levi’s and Mikasa’s than I could count. Which is actually funny because I thought I would see more Kirito’s (Sword Art Online) though they were still pretty high in number.

I wonder what the next mass cosplay trend will be? In the end, even though I only attended one day this year, I will definitely be back next year for the whole enchilada!