E3 2012

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    Afterglow Products by PDP

    6 June 2012 | Reporting by Maxxum, Videography by Robert J. Pion, with analysis by Andrew H.

    We're here with Ozhan Karacal, he's the Team Leader for PDP Audio. We're going to be touring the headsets and other designs they've been working on - so, tell us about the headsets.

    The headsets are universal, so they work in every game console, including Wii U. And, they are wireless with built-in lithium battery; they will last 10 hours and employ the latest Avnera chipsets - so, their range is 50m/150ft outdoors, and whole house.

    How do you ensure that the LED won't drain the battery on the headset?

    Users will have control over the lights, so there is lighting in the urethane earcups, and headbands, and then the user will have the choice of having just the headband's light or just the earcup, or all of them off. The 10 hour battery life is with the lights on, with the lights off it can go up to 16/17 hours.

    Here we have one of the actual headsets...

    Black Headset w/ Blue LED Black Headset w/ Green LED Black Headset w/ Red LED

    White Headset w/ Blue LED White Headset w/ Green LED White Headset w/ Red LED

    Yes, so this is retractable microphone, it pulls out a full 4 inches, it's flexible. It also has a multicolor, mode indicating tip. The headset has three audio modes: draw audio, bass boost, and 3D Expander. 3D Expander is our proprietary algorithm that will increase the space you're in, creates a more immersive gaming environment, but without killing the directionality of the sound. So, we worked with a Emmy winning sound studio from Hollywood, who helped us design the aucostics that it's in, as well as the sound cones.

    There's one more thing about the headsets I wanted to talk about, the suspension headbands of the headset is quite comfortable and for weight distribution, but the PCX material compound that we use on the headband is very flexible and strong. So, we did our research and the most common damage on headphones is the hinge breaking on the side - these will withstand very extreme flexibility.

    Tell us about the controllers.

    So, here are the Afterglow controllers, the current generation and the new generation side-by-side.

    XBOX 360 Wired Controllers Nintendo Wii Wired Motion Controllers Nintendo Wii Wired Control Sticks Sony Playstation 3 Wired Controllers

    Are you creating these from an OEM template, or are you completely designing these yourself.

    This is our design, in fact if you look at these versions they have an XBOX button layout, although it's a PS3 controller; the analog stick layout is the XBOX layout on these because some users prefer that.

    From a hardware perspective, why would you say these are superior to other products?

    I would say the price points. They are $19.99 for the wired, $29.99 for the wireless controllers. For the headsets the wireless is $89.99, and the wired $59.99.

    Journalist Comments:

    If you can't tell from the reaction of my hand in the video, I was surprised by the amount of tension one can apply to the headset without breaking it. And, although I did test the audio quality, in my experience sound quality is subject to both a person's taste, and auditory condition. I'm still capable of hearing sounds up to 18.5 KHz; if you're the kind of gamer that often listens to loud audio, your listening impressions will differ from mine. As for the controllers, they feel slightly harder, and less flexible than a typical XBOX, PS3 or Wii controller, and with substantially more eyecandy as they can not only glow, but pulsate. When shopping for new equipment, I would strongly recommend giving these devices time for consideration.