PAX East 2013

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Melonie Mac

24 March 2013 | Reporting by Robert J. Pion

Rob: We're here at PAX East 2013 with Melonie Mac.

Melonie: Hooray!

Rob: I know you've been playing games and having a good time.

Melonie: Yes!

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Rob: For the viewers that are female that just want to get into the gaming industry, how did you get involved with what you do?

Melonie: I've been a gamer all my life, so it's something that I've always been passionate about. And, I wanted to get in the industry when I was a teenager, and I started seeing that it was an actual thing and that it was fun and all that, so I actually started out interning with Ubisoft, and so, and my Youtube channel... starting my Youtube channel is what really got me noticed. So, I'm a big advocate for Youtubing, social media, getting yourself out there online, and the more that you can just get out there and have people see you the better chances you have of landing that awesome job.

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Rob: You've got a huge fan base, is that a little weird when you come to the conferences because now you're both have all those adoring fans, but you've also got the professional side too.

Melonie: It's amazing, and it's so shocking and humbling at the same time because I go here [PAX East] and I'm still star-struck to these big games that I'm a fan of, and these new games that I'm excited for, and to see there's people that are excited to see me and that are a little star-struck by me, it's humbling and it's exciting and I consider all of my fans, they're all friends to me. So, it's just, I get to make friends with people all over the world, and I think it's amazing.

Rob: So, what are your plans for the future? Do you want to keep continuing with this, or do you have plans of growing into something else; I know that you love it, but...

Melonie: My future plans right now are just keeping up my Youtube channel, I'd love it if it grew into something really huge, and so I can just be a more established gaming personality, and continue to do what I'm doing now, go to a lot of events and have a lot of fun, and network with everybody and take over the gaming world (laughs).

Rob: 'Elder Scrolls', naturally you're here [presenting for Bethesda], how do you like the game so far?

Melonie: It is so fun! And, everybody is loving it, they've been waiting in a long line - they've been so patient, and it's been worth it for then. It's really fun, and I can't wait for it.

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Rob: What is your favorite game here at PAX?

Melonie: Definitely 'WildStar'. And, I signed-up for the beta before it came out here, and I was like, okay it looks pretty cool. And, then when I played it, it felt like vanilla WoW and that was exciting for me, so definitely WildStar.

Rob: And, what's your favorite game from the past? Is there one that you played or started when you first got into gaming, and you still play it once in a while?

Melonie: I would say one of the first games that I remember playing is 'Sonic the Hedgehog', so that always bring back great memories, but my favorite series of all time is the 'Tomb Raider' series. And, I have so many great memories with that, so it always warms my heart to see the 'Tomb Raider' movies.

Rob: Do you like the new direction they're going...?

Melonie: I think it's great. I think it really is great, and I like how Lara Croft is portrayed and I think it's awesome, great direction.

Rob: Well, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come talk to us, we really appreciate it and I'm sure all the fans would love to see you here if they were able to get here to PAX.

Melonie: Yeah!

Rob: But, thank you so much.

Melonie: Thank you so much, this is a lot of fun, thank you!


Journalist Comments:

Melonie has an extensive online presence, through her personal website, her Youtube channel, and on Twitch TV. You can also view her personal art and photos through her deviantART page.