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    Halo Belt Interview

    17 October 2012 | Written by Maxxum, with analysis by Andrew H.

    Thursday night, on my way out the door, my eye was drawn to someone wearing a belt that appeared to be glowing. Being a nerd, of course I stopped to ask him where he got the belt. This led to an interview as I'd just walked into Edgar Ceron, a representative for the "Halo Belt".

    Tell me a little about the company, and the belt.

    The company is called Halo Belt, we actually created an LED adjustable belt that goes around your waist or your back, that has buttons that make the LED fluctuate or pulse so you can be seen at night on your bicycle, or basically anything at night that requires you to be seen, and it's made to keep people safe. The idea was borne from the bicycling community.

    The person who came up with the belt, is he an entrepreneur or a geek?

    He's actually a geek. He's into geeky things, and he had an idea one day - he actually had a couple run-ins ... he almost got hit a couple times, and he thought, why isn't there something out there that is actually cool, multi-functional... it's not just for the bicyle community becuase it's an LED belt than anybody could really use, and his geeky friends actually picked it up first.

    How long did it actually take from design, to development and then production?

    I would say about a year - from development, designs, different prototypes came down the line and then finally launched the kickstarter about a month and a half ago - and it finally finished a round of funding, and now it's being shipped around the country.

    How did the kickstarter go, and what kind of response were you getting from people?

    People loved it; at first it was borne from the bicycle community, but when a lot of people saw that it was an actual belt that you can wear, even more people picked it up.


    The "Halo Belt" comes in four colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. It comes in an adjustable one size fits most, women's size 0 to men's size 38, and sells for $85.

    Analyst Comments:

    The Halo Belt kickstarter generated 1,144% of it's funding goal ($57,206/$5,000). Yeah, I'd say it got a good response from the community. It'll be interesting to see down the line if Halo Belt will eventually include pulse-width modulation (PWM) down the line to allow for dynamic colors, pulsing, and transitions; we'd essentially be TRON at that point.