Intervention 2012

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22 - 23 September 2012 | Written by Maxxum

At every event WM has covered to date, there's an immediate vibe that effects how we approach the environment. "Intervention" broke that trend. For the better part of a day, as the first of our press team to arrive, I didn't know how to involve myself with the any of the guests, dealers or attendees. Unlike larger conventions where one is almost guided by herd behavior, Friday's light attendence spread throughout the convention meant taking pictures would be a one-on-one situation. Try raising your camera at a group of people, and everyone mugs for the shot - take a picture of one person standing alone, and sunddenly you're a stalker. I was wearing two cameras, so I kept to myself.

Even after Shoryuken Kev arrived, we were at a loss for how to document the convention. I didn't feel comfortable until our first scheduled interview with SEGABit's A.J. Rosa, whom I've decided is a karmic video game zen philospher after our talk with him opened my eyes to how Intervention is supposed to work.

I try to maintain an objective distance between myself and events so as not to color the experience, but as Kev and I talked with A.J., a ten minute interview spawned a three hour nerd chat session that turned observation into subjective involvement; and almost every interview that followed was a one or two hour geek fest over the course of two nights, and Sunday which I slept through after I passed-out from exhaustion.

We have more interview audio than we can possibly use (5 or 6 hours worth), and because of that, coverage of this event will differ significantly from our other articles. In the past I've focused on the imagery - at Intervention, it was all about the people, their history, and what they had to say. If you came for photos, though few and sweet, they are available for you at the end of the article.

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