E3 2014

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Chris Roberts - Star Citizen

11 June 2014 | Written by Maxxum

In 1994 my family bought our first computer, an AST Pentium 60 - and though it had been four years since 'Wing Commander' had been published, there were four games I was told I had to play: 'Duke Nukem 3D', 'X-Wing', 'Warcraft', and... 'Wing Commander'. In 1994, Windows 3.11 couldn't load most games from the GUI, one had to exit into a DOS prompt, then load a specially configured autoexec.bat file to set enough extended system memory, and to configure the sound card with a port for audio output... these were the seeds of modern PC gaming.

Later, I was told I had to try 'Privateer'. I never did play the game, but I remember the unique idea of including zero-g as part of the combat physics in the game. 20 years later, Chris Roberts has expanded on the concept, as well begun development of a robust social multiplayer game with plans for an expansive game universe.

Follows my interview with Chris Roberts, the creator of 'Star Citizen':


If you've played the game, then no doubt you've experienced the learning curve involved with the zero-g physics model used in the game. In my first experience at E3, I swear the game AI took advantage of its smaller ship size to maneuver me near a giant wreck so that my larger ship, which takes longer to change direction due to its increased mass, would crash... it did.

Mr. Roberts' has described an ambitious plan for a space combat game, and with years left in development it's going to be some time before we see the results. But, with $44+ million dollars in crowd-funding raised, and Mr. Roberts' unwavering enthusiasm over the course of 24 years, I expect we'll see a strong future realized.

Visit Roberts Space Industries to learn more about 'Star Citizen'.

Videography by Ally