E3 2014

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Performance Designed Products

11 June 2014 | Written by Maxxum

After catching my eye in 2012, PDP still dazzles with their "Afterglow" product line - almost every controller and headset PDP showcases is loaded with bright LEDs, and they continue to refine their products while entering into new partnerships with well-known IPs. PDP's headline product for E3 2014 was their White Afterglow Dolby 5.1 SS wireless headet that is equipped with a boomless headphone mic, wireless charger, and lithium battery capable of lasting 10hrs per charge.

Follows my interview with Jacob Strouckel, Marketing Services Manager for PDP:


Everytime I see PDP products, I'm reminded of the glowing umbrella scene from the movie 'Blade Runner'. As a nerd I am probably biased in that I think LED's make everything better, and as a fashion statement PDP certainly delivers if one wants to stand-out from other gamers.

But, aside from their bright colors, PDP has made strides with their sound engineering as well in securing Dolby Digital 5.1 algorithms for their latest headsets.

Visit PDP to learn more about the Afterglow and other product lines.

Videography by Maxxum