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12 June 2014 | Written by Maxxum

In 2012, an exhibit called "Art of Video Games" countered the notion that videogames are not an artistic medium, a position stated with certainty by Roger Ebert April 16th, 2010 when he wrote his missive "Video Games Can Never Be Art". He later ammended some of his arguments though never fully changed his position - I feel that whether one is a using a brush or a bit, the result is the same - the moving image we see on the screen is an interpretation of the thoughts and ideas of an individual(s) who craft visuals, auditories, and stories that evoke an emotion. Though, I think it's fair to say that genres becomes artistically locked within an idea and our expectations limit what we would expect to see in a game about the future. For instance, if playing a game about a post-apocalytic future would any of us be surprised to see vast desert wastelands, or conversely cities overun by nature? After 30 years of gaming the ideas are becoming off-the-shelf.

"BattleCry" brings to the canvas the idea of a future of conflict between countries that is decided by arena combat. During my interview with Shawn Ketcherside, I had commented that the game seemed very much like steampunk, but he countered that BattleCry is a game about a future that never developed gunpowder... and he's right, steampunk is more a future without oil - the evolved comparison between the two then is a future without industrial development vice a future without military development. Follows my interview with Mr. Ketcherside, Director of Production at BattleCry Studios.



Without guns there's a lot of slashing, stabbing, bludgeoning, and piericing (with arrows) of other players, and BattleCry Studios has further taken the idea and created a lush, animited environement. I would compare the game to a live action comic book. One doesn't just decapitate other players, when one loses their head it's especially illustrative.

BattleCry will be going beta in 2015, to see more check-out Bethesda's page here.

Videography by Ally