E3 2013

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The Expo

11 - 13 June 2013 | Written by Maxxum

Prior to 2011, I didn't know what "E3" was (I know I just lost some nerd cred there) - and I wasn't particularly motivated to go even after learning it was a convention for the videogame industry. I was working 12-hr shifts at a Network Operations Center; the real world barely existed for me, and digitally imagined worlds were a distraction. However, my friend convinced me that it was worth a trip - I had over 140hrs of vacation time saved, so it wasn't difficult for her to demonstrate that I was missing a great deal of EVERYTHING being stuck in a windowless building.

Landing in LA convinced me that I needed to go out more; professional development wasn't worth avoiding everything nature has to offer. The days in LA during June are warm, but not hot. The nights are cool, but not cold. The air isn't humid, and though famous for traffic, if there are friends in the car, it's not as bad as this. After realizing then that there is life outside the walls of my office, I was almost overwhelmed as I arrived outside the Staples Center - there were thousands of people on the street, mostly nerds like me, and women in little, purple bikinis giving out shirts. I called my friend and frantically asked "What is this?! I thought this was a nerd convention, why are there so many people?!". She calmly replied, "Because it's E3."

Whether by design, or evolution, E3 is concentrated nerditry. It is every science fiction dream, good or bad, given life in a digital form. Before even entering the convention floor, just standing outside by a tank (a friggin' tank!) for the game "World of Tanks", I felt as thought I'd been given something that was missing for a long time.

For 2013, E3 saw the return of two 'Final Fantasy" titles, 'Wolfenstein', 'Dead Rising', and many other games in development, various types of gaming hardware, and probably most importantly, the Xbox One from Microsoft, and the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

Unlike that first year, much of my time at E3 2013 was spent interviewing PR representatives - but, the event still has magic for me. People who were at first acquaintances are now friends, and strained dialogues with PR reps are now flowing philosophical conversations between nerds with mutual pasts. Also, look at this neat bunny I found:

Photos by Maxxum