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Anime USA Observations

5 October 2014 | Written by Touvan McNeil

Well, let me tell you about the time that I ran into Jesus and almost got crushed by a giant in the same day. Anime USA 16 was definitely one hell of a ride, where one of my favorite musical groups Schwarz Stein performed. The funny thing is, the last I heard of Schwarz Stein I was just about to leave middle school and then when I heard they got back together and were performing it was either "be there or bust".

AUSA has a lot of gender bending cosplay (crossplay) on exhibition (one being a 6’ 5" Sailor Jupiter) and it's comical to see how DC natives react as they get to see only but so much anime cosplay throughout the year; seeing how Anime USA was in Woodly Park, this was the perfect place for it all.

AUSA catered to a younger crowd than other conventions this year and it seemed a little more intimate due to the size. The dealers room was definitely less of a rush town and the arcade felt more crowd friendly.

The Schwarz Stein concert was the highlight of my time there personally. Before that, however, I sat through the Q/A with the band and they received much praise from cosplayers and old fans of the group. Their stage presence was more than what I expected, especially from a two man group. “Kaya” captured the hearts of everyone in the crowd and “Hora” kept everyone in a comical and intimate mood once he took the mic due to Kaya’s wardrobe malfunction.

Follows some of the sights from AUSA 16: