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Washington Mnemonic covers and reports on geek entertaiment. First started as a photo archive for sci-fi conventions, WM now specializes in artistic photographic coverage of events, and personal interviews with the people who shape science fiction through video games, technology, music, literature, and art.

Ally...As a fan of the fantasy and science fiction genre, Ally naturally gravitated towards gaming as a favorite past-time. A fan of MMOs from way back when a 64k connection made big difference to gameplay, her fascination with technology and gaming conventions continues to grow.

Andrew H. has been an avid gamer and technology fan from the days when loading DOS device drivers into high memory was an art. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in two states and currently resides in Silver Spring, MD.

Melissa M. likes cats and Van Gogh.

Maxxum is a photojournalist, based in Washington. He was a gamer in the early 80's and through the 90's, starting with 'Gorf' on the ColecoVision in 1981 - later becoming an ardent computer hardware, and science fiction enthusiast, building his first computer in the late 90's, when case edges still came with warning labels.